Dear Pro-life American,

    All life is sacred, especially the lives of innocent, defenseless babies growing in the womb.

    It is time to pass a Life at Conception Act and end abortion in America!  Please support Americans for Life in their battle to protect the unborn by joining the Committee to Save One Million.

    Because stopping the wholesale slaughter of innocent life will require the full-scale mobilization of pro-life Americans and a flood of grassroots outrage, I need you to immediately fill out the Committee to Save One Million Survey to rally support for a Life at Conception Act.


     Jonathan Ball,
     Executive Director, Americans for Life
Official Pro-Life Survey

1.     Do you believe Human Life begins at Conception?

2.     Do you believe innocent, defenseless life growing in the womb needs legal protection?

3.     Do you support a Life at Conception Act which enshrines in law that unborn children are Human Beings just like everyone else?

4.     Do you support cutting off all taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers?

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